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Gray is mystery. It’s kittens, it’s Wall Street, it’s London fog, it’s black pearls. Gray is, quite simply, magic.  Gray has become the new beige, with landlords painting surfaces they used to coat in horrible semi-gloss putty color, now a stately, tasteful, very pale gray, echoing the “industrial” trend for unpainted plaster gray or cement walls. All these tricks were an effort by landlords to avoid the yellowing effect, over time, of pristine white walls. They don’t want to have...

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Trends in rugs and textiles are volatile, almost as hard to predict as the outcome of Presidential elections, given the nano-speed with which images of them appear on Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms. The Indigo2ash team took a step back to determine the colors, textures and patterns which seem to rise above the fickle tides of fashion; rugs and fabrics possessing the staying power of great, innate style. The most enduring trend we see among designers is a love for...

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Laura Decorates

  The Client:  Laura, age 35, divorced; entrepreneur.  Favorite color: Silver.  Inspiration: Yves Saint-Laurent.  Challenge: Living with another person.  Favorite food: Fried chicken with mac and cheese, collard greens with neckbones, black-eyed peas and candied yams.  Favorite artist: Ai Wei Wei   Favorite quote: We are not provided with wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves, after a journey through the wilderness which no one else can take for us, an effort which no one can spare us.      Marcel Proust   Favorite Design...

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More than Neutral

We sat down with our client, Angelina, who loves very feminine decor and clothes, to explore her design process while redoing her dining room. Angelina wanted to introduce a distinctively delicate, feminine look into the room, and began by painting the walls, which have traditional moldings, a very pale pink. The rest of her color scheme was to be gray and white--the gray added so as not to make the whole effect too “sweet” Although the wedding dresses Angelina designs...

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 “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”   ― Pablo Picasso  When, as newcomers to the great adventure of interior decoration, we set out to create our own home environment, we may be intimidated by the daunting variety of products on the market and the equally vast--and so often contradictory--plethora of advice in magazines  and on the internet. It is our wish in this short article to demystify seven old-school “rules” which you should...

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