More than Neutral

We sat down with our client, Angelina, who loves very feminine decor and clothes, to explore her design process while redoing her dining room.

Angelina wanted to introduce a distinctively delicate, feminine look into the room, and began by painting the walls, which have traditional moldings, a very pale pink. The rest of her color scheme was to be gray and white--the gray added so as not to make the whole effect too “sweet”

Although the wedding dresses Angelina designs are in traditional white, they are modern and minimal in their lines rather than full-skirted. They are even rather sexy--white satin cut on the bias that clings to the figure--and could double as evening dresses. Something old, something new: that describes Angelina’s taste, both in fashion and decorating.

How would you describe the look and feel of this room?
The word “ethereal” comes to mind: graceful, delicate, too perfect for this world! I’m in love with this dining room because I managed to orchestrate a balance of function with a light, delicate look. And I also find the room has a certain mystery about it: the old-fashioned moldings, pink color and traditional chairs might make you think you’re in an earlier time, until you notice the forms of the chandelier and table, not to mention the big abstract painting!

What is your favorite element in the room?
I love both the chairs and the chandelier. The Delia side chairs, with their oval backs, make me think of Marie Antoinette! Their shape is based on 18th century French designs, and they create a mood in the room that’s definitely very elegant and feminine. The Valentina chandelier, on the other hand, looks like a 1960s space age fantasy, and yet its design, too, has a spiky sort of delicacy about it.

What was your biggest challenge in decorating this room?
Finding a dining room table that looked light on its feet. All the tables that sort of “matched” the chairs in period style were too ornate. To my amazement, it was a Mid-Century table, the Flume, based on Saarinen’s design, that fit the bill. It stands on a curved pedestal rather than legs, which creates extra space in my dining room, which is rather small. The color--white--and the shape of the top--oval--look great with the Delia side chairs.

What about window treatments?
I chose drapes in Marcelle Bleu’s Nina fabric in Gray/Ivory because its pattern adds a note of geometry to the room. The pattern, of lozenge forms, is a completely fresh, new design, and yet it references more traditional patterns from the past.

What do your friends say about the dining room?
They’re amazed! Especially by the fact that I painted the walls pink and pulled it off. They love the eclecticism of the furniture: the traditional chairs paired with a Mid-Century Modern table. They all say that only I could have succeeded at such dramatic contrasts--and they’re right, if I do say so myself! I’m very proud of this room.

What was your biggest indulgence in decorating your living room?
Well, I splurged on the Muse sofa. I fell in love with its deep cushions and flared legs. It has old-school comfort mixed with modern angles. I had it upholstered in Carson Canvas in White, another indulgence, because it has to be treated with care. I also bought a great quality Oriental rug, which adds richness to the color scheme and the otherwise rather modern decor.



Drapery: Marcelle Bleu' Drapery Panel in Nina, Ring Top 84, Gray/Ivory
Dining Table: Fontaine Dining Table
Dining Chairs: Delia Side Chair in London Linen Ivory
Chandelier: Serrafina Chandelier

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