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  How did it all start? What is the Alanzo Alarcon back story? Our group of designers--all of us young, but obsessed with museums and grand houses!-- wanted specifically to ally ourselves with a company in Brooklyn, which is where we all live and work. Brooklyn is a place which inspires and empowers us to design beautiful things. How and why did you start designing textiles? We all share a love of drawing, graphic design, and pattern. Cloth--fabric--is the natural...

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     Actress Gwyneth Paltrow once claimed she “would rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can”, a hyperbolic example of snobbery.   As science would have it, Paltrow’s comparison contains an unexpected grain of truth. A new study from the University of Michigan has found a scientific reason for pizza being the most addictive food on the Yale Food Addiction Scale: It’s cheese.  Cheese contains a protein called casein, which releases opiates called casomorphins during digestion. Casomorphins trigger receptors...

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Too often, we think of de-cluttering our homes as a ruthless triage of ridding ourselves of any and everything that does not have an immediate use. During such a purge, we might actually cast off things we like or even cherish, all in the interest of minimalist living, a lifestyle which has recently gotten a huge amount of play in books and blogs. But this scorched earth approach is not necessary. We find, on the contrary, that de-cluttering requires not...

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