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The Well-Kept Design Secret Using Neutrals

We sat down with our client, Tobias from Manhattan, to dive into his design process while redoing his living room. Tobias is a lawyer who lives in a condo on Canal Street.

He loves being downtown in the pulse of streetlife, but also likes to retreat back to his condo to get away from the noise. He is a Canal Street native and can’t imagine living anywhere else, “Still a lot of small businesses around here, pleasantly gritty, although that’s changing, of course. My building used to be an office building, now it’s condominiums. It’s a great space for both living and work.”

How would you describe the style and feel of your living room?

Uncomplicated. After a long day at the office I want to come home and relax in a space that’s easy on the eyes.

Why did you decide to go with the the Portland Coffee Table?

There’s actually a story behind this. My father was a sea captain in the Navy. The less-than-frequent times he came home, he would bring me small things. Once, he brought me home an old mast he found. It was beautiful and splintered and had both wood and metal elements. The Portalnd Coffee table reminds me of it. It’s kind of like my dad had a say in what the room would look like.

What do you like best about the Portland Coffee Table?

Besides reminding me of my father, its combination of industrial and natural materials. It’s a handsome blend of versatility and sophistication. The idea of the two unlike materials in one piece of furniture is something I have noticed in all of my favorite spaces.

Can you talk more about why you chose a lighter color scheme?

Sure, it all started with the Gemini area rug in Gray/Smoke. I wanted something that would contrast with the dark metal and wood of the furniture legs in a simple, startling way.

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How did you approach designing the space?

I decided to leave my room redo in the trusted hands of the design consultants over at Indigo2Ash. I brought in photos and measurements and they came back with a floorplan fitted with furniture and everything. They also created an incredibly helpful mood board, which let me see the colors and textures of everything up close and personal.

What have you learned from designing this space?

From my consultation, I learned that you don’t need intense colors like reds and blues to make a statement. I used the Gemini rug in Grey/Smoke and custom drapes in Henry Silver/White paired with dark-legged furniture to create contrast.

Why did you choose the Henry pattern drapes?

Since the rug is so simple I figured I could incorporate pattern with the drapes. The Henry pattern is a contemporary spin on the diamond shape and still feels masculine enough for my liking.

What was your biggest challenge in decorating your living room?

Choosing a chair! I was torn because there was a few that worked well with the space, but overall, The Libby Chair fit the bill. It keeps with the silvery/grey color scheme and has a truly original shape that always seems to be a conversation starter.

Do you have any advice for people redoing their living room?

I would say, if you want a space that feels contemporary, you can’t really go wrong with a neutral color scheme. The key is to layer them in different tones and textures so that the room doesn’t appear flat.

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