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Can You Pull Off An All-neutral Room?
We Tried It!

Her colorful life, which includes travel to exotic lands for business, she says, “leads me to crave simplicity...

Decorating With Raw Materials

We visited Juliet and Paul in Dumbo, to dive into the process of organizing their living space. They are true collaborators when it comes to their shared aspirations for their home and a delight to work with in picking out textiles, furniture and paint...

The Biggest Trick to Revamp an Old Space

Contemporary style with a serene feel. It’s tough to master that delicate balance. Read about tips to make your space contemporary...

How To Decorate With Color In A Subdued Way

The goal of this room design was to create a space that was comfortable and conducive to his writing habits...

The Sanity of Small

What does your place demand from you?

7 Habits for a Clutter-free Home

Learn the rules!

Book Review: The Psychology of Home

What Your Stuff Says About You

7 Decorating Rules Which Need To Go!

Learn the rules, to break them

Style & Influences

Advice from the best. Pick up some tricks that will help your home "pinnable" perfect.

10 Rug & Textile Trends at Indigo2ash

Richness of tone, pattern, & texture

Designing The Room Of Your Dreams With This Easy Trick

The less is more approach

The Well-kept Design Secret Using Neutrals

Explore this condo on Canal Street.

7 Design Choices That Will Stress You Out

Avoid optical disharmony

Gray: The New Beige

Gray is, quite simply, magic

Something Old, Something New - Style In Action

Designing an elegant, “no-frills” room

Introvert or Extrovert: 5 Decorating Tips for Each

Style to your needs

The Gift of Presence

How we connect

Decorating as a Journey

Designing as an adventure

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Laura Decorates!

She says, "Leads me to crave simplicity, serenity and privacy when I’m at home. I do entertain, but the restful color scheme of my living room--exclusively in silver, white and pale beige."


Eggplant, Black & White

Stella, restaurant owner (a San Francisco transplant) and Alicia, political journalist and essayist, Harlem-born...


Brooklyn Noir

I share a five-story townhouse in Bed-Stuy, built in 1890, which retains much of its original Aesthetic Movement architectural detail. It is a privilege to live in such a house...