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How White On Black Maximizes Design Opportunity

We sat down with our client, Heather, who owns a yoga studio in downtown Brooklyn, to dive into her design process while redoing her living room. Heather lives off Atlantic Ave and prides herself on being a Brooklyn native.

Heather has been living in Brooklyn since she was a child. After recently moving her business into a new yoga studio space, she has decided it is time to revamp her apartment, as well. She has found the process to be fairly simple, since she knows what she likes. She describes herself as a “Modern Maven” and gravitates toward oriental-style details.

How would you describe the look and feel of this room?

Activated. The space feels energized from every angle. The room has the same essence of this sultry bar I used to frequent in my younger days--full of potential and excitement.

What is your favorite piece or element?

The yin and the yang color scheme. I didn’t even think twice about painting the walls black after I had found my dream sofa – the Kore X Sofa upholstered in Carson Canvas White.

Can you talk about your overall design scheme?

I have always been confident when it comes to style. I know that I favor clean lines and neutral colors--so “modern design” by default. And in recent years, I have gravitated toward oriental art and fabrics, which happen to look stunning with a contemporary aesthetic.

Why did you choose the patterned drapes?

Initially, I was going to go with a plain Ivory or Gray drape, but when a design professional at Indigo2Ash showed me the Mikayo Saito Blossom fabric I was ecstatic, and decided to order custom drapes with it. The turn-around time was quick! Shopping local really pays off.

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What do you like about the pattern?

It is hard to incorporate a floral pattern in a modern room without it feeling “kitschy”, but the Blossom pattern features more leaves than blooms, which is why it ultimately works in the space. The pattern is less about flowers and more structure and elegance.

Why did you choose that particular side table?

If my room were a side table it would be the Flume Marble Side Table. The piece perfectly captures the essence of my design intent--modern yin and yang. It is also easy to clean and a heavy, high-quality piece.

How did you decide on the globe-like light-fixtures?

Once I started my own yoga practice a few years ago, I found myself constantly seeking simplicity. I found the easiest way to illustrate simplicity in design is through structure. The round, hanging globe lights denote this well!

Do you have any advice for people redoing their living room?

Design is so much more than pairing things that look good. Start with an idea that you want to achieve. For me it was a feeling of simplicity and balance. So, I started with the two colors that best illustrated that--black and white--and then the rest of the room fell into place.

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