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Whether you are looking to subdue the sunlight or simply accessorize your space, the drapery selections at Indigo2Ash have you covered. Start browsing our collections below to begin your room transformation.

Shop Textured Drapery

A subtle alternative to pattern, textured drapery breaks up design monotony and adds an element of interest to any interior.

Shop Patterned Drapery

Patterned Drapery is a fresh way of livening up any interior. Use pattern to make a statement or to reinforce the existing design of a room.

Shop Blackout Drapery

Great for new parents and light sleepers, Blackout Drapery artfully decreases natural light to provide a dark, comfortable interior for optimal sleep and room temperature.

Shop Grommet Drapery

Created for ease and design simplicity, Grommet Drapery effectively allows for easy drapery handling, while providing a contemporary, livable look for any drapery panel.

Shop Ring Top Drapery

Available in a wide range of pattern and color, Ring Top Drapery is a convenient and stylish way to display drapery.

Shop Velvet Drapery

The ultimate in elegance, adding a soft, traditional feel to every interior, whether classic or modern. Aveline, Plush, or Silken Velvet; our Velvet Drapery options are sure to please even the most refined of tastes.

Shop Linen Drapery

Classic for a reason, Linen Drapery is a timeless, sought-after drapery option that lightens the mood of a space by providing movement and subtle texture.