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Set In Stone: Decorating With
Raw Materials

We visited Juliet and Paul in Dumbo, to dive into the process of organizing their living space. They are true collaborators when it comes to their shared aspirations for their home and a delight to work with in picking out textiles, furniture and paint.

The Clients: Juliet and Paul, Chefs in Brooklyn.

Inspiration: Exotic street food; the Whitney Museum.

Challenge: Creating time away from cooking to organize their living space.

Indulgence: A trip to the Brooklyn Museum, followed by jerk goat with cabbage at The Islands.

Budget: We make good money; it’s time which is a really scarce resource. We want stylish but friendly furniture in a mid-priced range, hopefully organized by someone talented whose taste we like.”

Upholstered Chairs

Paul had seen a 1958 original of designer Arne Jacobsen’s Swan Chair in a vintage store, but the price was too high. Indigo2ash’s solution? Our own Bennet Chair upholstered in Pinpoint Gray/Mid-Gray (on the right). Its dramatically curving form contrasted nicely with the more rectilinear shapes their Kore Sofa and Chair.

Jabus Coffee Table

The distinctive adjoining triangles of the Jabus Coffee Table base dictated its placement at the center of the room. Its gray-veined white marble top complemented their fireplace, while the gold-brushed stainless steel of the base introduced variety of material to the ensemble.

Shop the look

For custom draperies, they selected Louvre in Navy/Gray from the Marcelle Bleu Collection. Dark drapes create a more insular, shadowy mood when drawn. The Thella Floor Lamp, also in black, illuminates the sofa area.

Throwing it together

Finally, throw pillows: Juliet selected two in Continuous Journey’s Palace fabric, in Rust and Ivory; Paul’s choice was from Cultured Soul, namely the Chevron fabric in Sky.

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