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Designing The Room Of Your Dreams With This Easy Trick

We sat down with our client, Heidi, 43, a copywriter, originally from Los Angeles, now living in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, to explore her design process while redoing her living room.

Heidi recently moved from Silverlake in Los Angeles, to Cobble Hill, where she rents a one-bedroom apartment in a converted late 19th century house. With high ceilings, wooden floors, and French doors, she wanted her new apartment to feel spacious without feeling cold.

How would you describe your style?

“My style is clean and minimal. I prefer a neutral palette and structural furniture--no slouchy pillows or throw blankets. I suppose it makes sense-- as a copywriter-- the “less is more” mantra seeped into my aesthetic.”

What is your favorite part of this room?

“The custom drapes, in Continuous Journey’s Labyrinth in Beige/Ivory. I knew that I didn’t want a pattern that was too distracting, so I went with Labyrinth in a muted shade of Beige/Ivory. I liked this combination of colors best out of Indigo2ash's many neutral fabric choices. The subtlety of the drapes against the patterned rug is actually a daring design choice for me! 

Why did you choose the drape pattern, “Labyrinth”?

“Well, I grew up in Greece. The angular, repeating Labyrinth pattern brought me right back to the architecture and feeling of the refined, neoclassical style.”

Have you learned anything from the design process?

“Yes! Two bold patterns next to each other --in this case the drape and the rug-- can actually be elegant, as long as one of them is monochromatic or neutral.”

What was your biggest challenge in decorating this room?

“​Since recently moving to Cobble Hill from LA, I have been struggling with translating my design sense. I don’t have many contacts or friends on the east coast, so the hardest part in decorating this room was not having anyone to bounce design ideas off of! In a more literal sense, I was also afraid that by having so much contemporary furniture, my space would look cold and sterile.”

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How did you solve your design challenge?

“I met with a design professional at Indigo2Ash that suggested I choose drapes in a Beige/Ivory shade, which warms up the space just enough to make the space feel like home, but still fit my minimal aesthetic. It was an incredibly helpful meeting and nice to bounce ideas off someone to say the least!”

What was your biggest challenge in decorating this room?

“Creating a space that felt contemporary, but not sterile and cold. I solved that by choosing the drapes in a Beige/Ivory shade, which warms up the space just enough to make the space feel like home, but still fit my minimal aesthetic.”

What was your biggest indulgence in decorating your living room?

“Well, I splurged on the Muse sofa. I fell in love with its no-nonsense, structural shape and flared legs. I had it upholstered in Carson Canvas in White-- a timeless look I know will never go out of style.”

Did you base the room design off of a particular item? If so, which one?

“The Muse sofa. I knew I wanted it in White, so I created the idea of a mostly neutral, contemporary-feeling atmosphere based off of that. As I always say, “the larger informs the latter”.

What is your biggest piece of advice for furnishing and decorating your own space?

“Don’t try to copy a picture of a room you like, you will never be satisfied! I found that the best way to design a room is to base it off a central piece of furniture, rug, or drape”.

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