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These Blue Chairs Breathe New Life Into This Dining Nook

We sat down with our client, Laura, from the West Village, to dive into her design process while redoing her dining area. Melissa is a Chef who lives in a condo on Greenwich Street.

Laura has found a small community of chefs and food-lovers in the West Village. Her specialty area of farm-to-table style cooking has given her a local fame in the area. She claims, “There is still so much more I want to do in the community with promoting sustainably-sourced food and healthy cooking. It’s nice to finally have an updated home-base that I can plan my next moves from.”

How would you describe the style and feel of your living room?

It feels like walking into a spring day. It is breezy and and serene and blue. It’s the favorite room of all of my friends and family.

What is your favorite element in the room?

The blue and gray color scheme. I started this whole design process by going to the Indigo2Ash and checking out the fabrics in person. The Navy Light Blue fit the atmosphere I was going for. I like that blue can stand on its own and make a statement without relying on another strong color.

Why did you decide to go with the Fontaine Dining Table?

I wanted to incorporate some feng-shui, so I chose a round table for optimal energy flow. The white lacquer table also achieved a stunning, pristine look against the custom fabric on the Heights Chair set.

What was your biggest challenge in decorating this room?

Deciding if I wanted to use drapery or not. I spoke with a design professional from Indigo2Ash for an in-house consultation for a second opinion. I don’t get much sun in that corner of the room, so initially, I felt like drapes were unnecessary.

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What did you learn through your design consultation?

Through the consultation process I learned that drapery, at the very least, is an easy way to incorporate another color or texture to liven up the space. I had a custom pair of drapes made in Gray Chevron, which I am thrilled with.

Why did you choose the art that you did?

Rather than having a defined picture, I wanted a piece of art that set a mood. The abstract watercolor look is instantly relatable and likable. I didn't want anyone asking me questions about the art, while they’re trying to relax and enjoy their meal!

What inspired your overall design scheme?

Since I am a chef and so rarely get to actually sit at a table, I wanted to create a dining area that felt the exact opposite of what a busy, hot kitchen feels like. When I was a kid, my mother had a blue kitchen and it was incredibly serene. So, I started with the blue color and thought of design elements that felt contradictory to my work environment, such as a spotless, white table (laughs).

Do you have any advice for people redoing their dining area?

Yes! Don’t be afraid of upholstered chairs in a dining area! They are incredibly easy to clean and most of the mess ends up on the table anyway. So many of my friends were shocked that I chose fabric chairs over wood or metal ones. I wanted to maintain a chic, inviting atmosphere that so many dining areas lack. I couldn’t be happier with my space.

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