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New Rug Gives Room New Life

We sat down with our client,​ Moira from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to dive into her design process while redoing her living room. Moira is an interior designer who just moved to an apartment on Atlantic Ave.

Moira has been happily situated in Williamsburg for about one year. She enjoys walking out of her door and seeing swarms of people, “I feel most content when I feel like I am part of a thriving community. As an interior designer, she often meets with many of her clients in her own living room. It was important for her to decorate a space that best reflected her own personal aesthetic.

How would you describe the style and feel of your living room?

Welcoming and chic. I hate to assign particular words to a space, but I wanted visitors to walk in and instantly feel like they belonged. None of that “no sitting on the couch” stuff.

With that mindset, how did you approach your design?

As an interior designer, I noticed that an impactful way to set the mood of a room is through the rug. Because it’s such an expansive area for color and texture, it has a grand effect on the overall atmosphere of the space.

Did you enjoy the design process of designing your own space?

Yes! It was challenging at first though. I moved to Brooklyn about a year ago, after a divorce, and knew I wanted to start my life fresh with a new space. It took me almost the entire year to muster the time and energy to focus on my space’s design, but now that I have, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Why did you choose the rug that you did?

I chose the Atlas Sculpted Rug because it features a large-scale pattern. There are no sharp, angular lines in the pattern, which softens the space, creating an approachable feeling. The light blue color is relaxing and puts people at ease.

Can you talk about your overall color scheme?

Certainly! Since blue is one of the most welcoming colors, I decided to go with something in the same family, but slightly more eye-catching. Ultimately, I decided on a grayish, sea-blue on the walls. I like contrast, so I incorporated eye-popping touches of rust.

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Can you tell us more about the chair selection?

It’s my favorite element in the room! I went with the Neo Chair upholstered in Chevron pattern in Rust. It is a retro-chic throwback and compliments the blue-gray aesthetic in a shocking and fun way.

Why did you choose the Isla Side Table?

I was nervous that the space was beginning to feel too color-blocked and animated, so I wanted to bring it back down to earth with a natural material. The Isla Side Table was the perfect fix with its warm, walnut tones.

How did you ultimately decide on the Dylan Sofa?

Well, I knew something neutral was necessary, but I wasn’t sure about what shape sofa I was looking for. When I stopped into Indigo2Ash, I had a quick consultation with a design professional, who did all the hard work of finding me neutral sofa options. Then from there I was able to choose from their curated selection and pick out the right fabric from their lines.

Do you have any advice for people redoing their living room?

Have fun with your artwork and accessories! They are small elements that can drastically update even the most outdated interiors. I decided on a dreamy watercolor print called “Harbour” that reminds me of a painting I used to love as a young girl. Every time I see it, it brings me a small burst of joy!

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