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How To Decorate With Color In A Subdued Way

We sat down with our client, Eric, in the Hamptons, to dive into his design process while redoing his living room. Eric is a composer that has a second home in the Hamptons.

Eric lives in Williamsburg and has recently purchased a second home in the Hamptons to escape the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn. He wanted a home by the water so that he could relax as he composes his music. The main goal of this room design was to create a space that was comfortable and conducive to his writing habits.

How would you describe the look and feel of this room?

Inviting. It helps that the room gets so much sun and I wanted to play off the natural light to create a space that felt relaxing and enticing through and through.

What is your favorite piece or element in the space?

The Barlow Chair and Ottoman in London Linen Gold. It completely sets the room mood and creates a focal point that is striking. The way that chair is structured almost beckons you to sit down.

What was your thought process behind choosing the chair and ottoman?

As a composer, I needed a seating arrangement that could accommodate my random, frequent urges to move around when inspiration strikes. The Barlow Chair and Ottoman in has a free-ness for mobility without having restricting arm rests. The ottoman is perfect for when I have written a song and want to sit with my feet up and listen back to it. The Barlow Chair and Ottoman is a composer’s dream come true.

Why did you choose the Alanzo Alarcon Drapes in Paloma pattern?

I wanted custom drapes that would compliment the chair without stealing focus, so I went with a classic Black/White color scheme in the Paloma pattern. Black/White against any color pop--in this case, the gold chair-- is something I’ve always been drawn to. I also have to admit that the fabric also kind of remind me of piano keys…

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Why did you choose the accessories that you did?

The watercolor print was instantly appealing because it sets more of a mood with its color wash than representing a clear picture. It is always astounding how artwork in a space can directly support a mood you are trying to create. Artwork is truly a design element.

What was the biggest challenge decorating this room?

Envisioning all of the elements of the room at once. After I initially chose the chair, I wasn’t sure what else would work, particularly with the window treatments. I hit the equivalent of writer’s block. So, I contacted Indigo2Ash and sat down with a design professional for input. They suggested I compliment the marble side table with a Black/White fabric, which ultimately pulled the whole look together.

Did you enjoy the design process?

Yes, it was quite nice to design a space that is just meant for myself. Since this apartment is for “escaping” and writing, I didn't have to worry about picking furniture that accommodates guests or pleases anyone’s design fancy but my own. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Can you elaborate more on your design process?

Yes, designing this room was very personal for me. I have been a struggling musician for years and have been staving off the disapproval of family members, who imagined a different life for me. Purchasing and designing this space truly feels like a triumph-- something I had to overcome.

Do you have any advice for people redoing their living room?

Start with a mood. I begin every piece of music I write in the same way. For this room, I played off the natural light and wanted to create an inviting, sunny atmosphere. I upholstered the chair in London Linen Gold to reflect that, which informed the rest of the room design.

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