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Trends in rugs and textiles are volatile, almost as hard to predict as the outcome of Presidential elections, given the nano-speed with which images of them appear on Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms. The Indigo2ash team took a step back to determine the colors, textures and patterns which seem to rise above the fickle tides of fashion; rugs and fabrics possessing the staying power of great, innate style.

The most enduring trend we see among designers is a love for a palette of pale neutrals. Cream, ivory, alabaster, bone and very pale gray continue to find great favor among designers and clients alike, with these offshoots of white often layered for subtlety and depth.

At the same time, there is an abiding interest in colors borrowed from the sea: deep teal blues, pale blue-grays, and vibrant turquoise.

Geometric patterns and distinctive, often pronounced textures are also having more than a moment. There are wonderful ‘sculpted’ rugs, which feature different levels of pile that demarcate a pattern.

Given the popularity of a pale palette, juxtaposing patterned fabrics and rugs becomes possible without the different patterns appearing to compete or “clash”. The overall effect is of layering rather than busy-ness.

Here are ten rugs and ten fabrics, all from Indigo2ash, which express the richness of tone, pattern, texture and touch that are an abiding inspiration to us.




Middle Eastern Inspiration

The Denali Rug shown here is of a type woven by members of the 17 different Berber tribes which comprise the Beni Ourain tribe living in the Atlas Mountains. Many of them raise sheep in the Atlas to produce the high grade wool used in these beautiful and distinctive rugs, which display a wide variety of linear black- or brown-on-white geometric patterns. The patterns are not simply decorative, but often incorporate symbols intended to ward off the evil eye and bring luck and prosperity. Beni Ourain rugs make a remarkably versatile backdrop for both traditional and modern furniture.

If you love the decorative genius of North Africa expressed by the Denali Rug, then you will also be drawn to the Islamic interlace pattern of Pharaoh, shown here in creamy Ivory, which is available for custom drapes and in pillows.


The Call of the Wild

The pattern of highly decorative Appalachian Rug is constructed from pieces of natural hide sewn together, achieving a lively geometric yet neutral look. This rug is, quite simply, one of the most stunning designs we have.

If you want to add a hint of the wild without the reference being a literal reproduction of animal skin, try Indigo2ash’s Tiger fabric, an abstract, stylized version of the beautiful striations of a tiger’s skin, shown here in Gray; available in four different colors. Imagine an armchair upholstered in Tiger, custom drapes, or pillows; a vibrant design statement in any room.


Sculpted, Tufted,
Carved, Shaved, Incised

These are some of the words used to describe the recent revival of rugs with multilevels. Sculpted or multilevel rugs form a dramatic and ultra-modern foundation for any room, especially when rendered in a regular, but bold geometric pattern as in the Antoinette Rug, shown here.

Chevron Fabric in Sky presents an example, in textile, of a design concept similar to that of sculpted rugs: a pronounced geometric pattern delineated by the weave rather than a contrasting color. Available in pillows, custom drapes, or bedding to fit any room.


Ancient Interlace Patterns

The Antique Rug, its delicate tracery reminiscent of that on ancient Persian carpets, is, quite simply, sumptuous.

Alessandro in Ivory/Gray is our very favorite fabric: its bold, calligraphic interlace pattern echoes those of Italian Renaissance textiles, and the effect in a room is opulent and luxurious. Try it in pillow sets, custom drapes, or even a headboard to add a regal look to your bedroom or living room.  


Washed Silken Look

Antique inspired, but modern in execution, the washed Contempo rug gives a silky, sumptuous look to a room. The monochrome coloring makes it a very versatile “heirloom” statement piece. This rug allows one to seamlessly blend new and old and can be a great option to bring an eclectic room together.

Silken Velvet, shown here in Gray/Taupe, is a fabric fine enough to use for drapes, yet substantial enough for upholstery. Available in custom drapes, pillows, or custom furniture


The Return of Abstraction

A bold, almost painterly abstraction defines the Banshee Rug. We are reminded of 1950s paintings by Abstract Expressionists such as Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still.

The irregular, vertical striations of Rain fabric, shown here in Ivory/Gray resemble the natural grooves of wood grain or of rivulets of water, as the name suggests, flowing down a windowpane. Explore options in custom drapes and custom upholstered furniture


Solid Jewel Colors,
Hand-Loomed Wool

If you already have a lot of pattern going on in your interior, a lavish wool rug in a single jewel color may be the way to go. Our hand-loomed medium-pile Mystique Rug, available in a range of colors, reminds us of the beauty a single large swathe of color can inject into a room.

Similarly, Plush Velvet in Eggplant introduces intense, moody color that makes a vivid, single-handed difference to an interior. Available in soft pillows, custom drapes, or custom upholstered furniture to fit your needs. 


Organic Chic

The SoHo Rug in Taupe is made of beautifully hand-woven jute with a handsome fabric border. Jute is a natural fiber which lends an earthy look to interiors of any style, from classic to modern.

Roxanne Raffia, shown here in Silver is a highly textured fabric that makes classic furniture look modern, and modern furniture all the more contemporary. With options available in custom drapes, and custom upholstered furniture, so you can choose what will best fit your look. 


The Sheer Fun of Shag

A throwback to the 1970s, the Ashton Wool Shag Rug has returned, to everyone’s delight. It’s not just the warmth it adds to a space, or the soft fluffy feel beneath your feet. The Shag Rug is, quite simply, free spirited, funky and fun.

Coco, shown here in Silver/White, is an interesting, irregularly textured fabric, which, like the Ashton Rug, has a spirited ‘70s feeling. Feel the groove with our Coco PillowsCustom Coco drapes, or custom upholstered furniture


Free-Form Chic

Dangerous and sensual, yet warm and comforting, the naturally shaped Duke Hide Rug reminds us of the primitive origins of our dwellings. The irregular shape adds interest to the right angles and four-square quality of most rooms and furniture.

Hypnotic in Gold is a zany, almost ‘60s-style Op-Art fabric, available also in eye-popping contrasting colors. Check out the options in custom drapes, pillows, duvet cover set, or custom upholstered furniture

Artfully mixed and matched, Indigo2ash’s wide selection of rugs, drapes and pillows is available in thirty subtle shades and a myriad of textures and patterns. At Indigo2ash, home is not only a place, but an experience, the setting most central to our families, friendships and visual adventures. Sign up to receive our newsletter with special offers!

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