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How To Add an
Unexpected Twist to
Your Decor

We sat down with our client, Patrick, in Manhattan, to dive into his design process while redoing his living room. Patrick is an architect that lives on the Upper West Side.

Patrick has been living in his apartment for the past three years, and is only now finding the time to decorate. He is finding the process rather therapeutic, since he usually spends a considerable amount of time on designing exteriors. He describes his style as, “severe, but always with an unexpected twist”.

How would you describe
the look and feel of
this room?

Stimulating, intense, dramatic. I chose textures and colors that make you want to keep looking around.

What is your favorite
piece or element?

Without a doubt the Julia Sofa, upholstered in London Linen Gold. It is refreshing to the eye and ounge-appropriate with its low-arms and deep seats. I wanted a couch that was equal parts shocking and comfortable.

What was your thought
process behind
choosing the sofa?

When I was getting my undergraduate degree in architecture, I remember thinking, ‘one day I will have an apartment in Manhattan with a bold sofa’. So, in a way, I guess it was fate. I had to overcome a handful of tough years as a student to get here, but now I am here and I have my gold sofa.

Why did you choose the Alessandro attern drapes?

The way the pattern is constructed is elegantly complicated. As an architect, I was instantly drawn to the use of interwoven angular and soft lines and curves. The Alessandro pattern is a piece of art--just when you think the pattern is heading in one direction, it goes the other way-- it tricks your eye.

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What was the biggest challenge decorating this room?

Choosing the fabric for the drapes. I was torn, because I didn’t have a vision in mind. I went with the Alanzo Alarcon’s Alessandro fabric in Black/Ivory because I felt that the space needed a basic color--black or white-- against the gold sofa. Ultimately, the Black/Ivory was a success.

What design elements did you use to tie the sofa and the drapes together?

Since the sofa and drapes are so contrasting, I added harmony with the accessories, notably the large Ficus tree in the corner. Bringing in a little nature always does the trick. Also, I chose black pillows to play off against the black and white photographic print above the sofa.

How did you decide on the accessories you chose?

Indigo2Ash offers an over-the-phone consultation with one of their design professionals, which was convenient for me. My schedule is rigid, so it was nice to describe my room and get offered suggestions for finishing touches.

Do you have any advice for people redoing their living room?

Respect the architecture. Just because you have wall or crown molding like my space, does not mean that you can’t introduce modern-looking furniture. The most striking, celebrated spaces that I’ve seen are often a mix of traditional and contemporary.

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